Butcher BBQ's New Competition Blend Seasonings

By NBN Cooking Crew

Butcher BBQ products are known for being a complete game changer. David Bouska is the man behind these inventions and has proven that he knows a thing or two about making them work in the barbecue competition arena. David has been testing and using his own products for over 34 years now in his own butcher shop in Chandler, Oklahoma. His experience  with making meat more flavorful is matched by very few, if any. His Butcher BBQ team has appeared on the TV reality hit series BBQ Pitmaster twice, and this includes the BBQ Pitmasters All Stars. With a resume like this you really can trust this butcher!

Hopefully, knowing who "The Butcher" is will help you understand how much work and testing goes into all Butcher BBQ products, including the new competition blend of seasonings. This new line of seasonings will help you nail down just about any flavor profile that you are trying to achieve. Every one of these new seasonings are MSG and Gluten free. This line of products is also produced in smaller batches with the freshest ingredients available to produce a truly unique end result…and we all understand how being a bit different makes a huge difference in competition barbecue.

If you are looking to up your game in the backyard or tailgating, then you will definitely want to give these a try as well. Each of these seasonings will accompany and add flavor to a multitude of meats, seafood, wild game, or veggies. We tested each different seasoning and found each was great with its own unique flavor. We also injected some pork and tried them all, and it intensified the flavor even more!

Speaking of the injections, David has introduced a new container system for these injections. You can still buy the bigger bulk bags or individual four ounce bags, but the new one pound canister with measuring scoop is a big help for those cooking more often and cooking more quantities. This new canister takes away the old style zip closing bag that can get clogged with powder causing it not to seal completely. Complete mixing instructions are also right on the canister, and it also has a sight strip so you can see how much powder is left inside. The containers also come with a handy scoop that will help keep your mixtures consistent and on point batch after batch.

Overall, we give all of these products five rib bones out of a possible five. These products will help you increase the flavor of your desired profile and do it in a very easy manner. We can also report that these products work well with any type of smoking process. Our tests came from direct grill tests and stick burner tests, but we have used the injections on pellets as well, and the results were fantastic. You can find more information about these products at David's website at www.ButcherBBQ.com.


Photo courtesy of Butcher BBQ

David Bouska is the butcher that you can trust.

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