New monthly BBQ service launches this November

By NBN Cooking Crew is a brand new subscription service that will offer a different combination of barbecue treats and products each month. These products will be put together to fit your particular style and taste peferences, something unique to this type of offering. Each month this box will contain one sauce, one rub or spice, one edible treat, a sample pack of wood chips, and a custom recipe from Myron Mixon that will utilize all the contents in the box that month for a fantastic BBQ experience.

This brand new service is set to start up in November and could be a great Christmas gift for that family pitmaster or grilling guru. All packages will be sent out each month by the 30th day of the month via USPS priority/first class mail to the address of your choosing. From what we see and hear about how this service is going to work, this could be the ultimate service of this type that has ever been offered. You can find out more about this exciting new service at

Photo courtesy of BBQ Box

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