Key's Southern Spice proves the future of barbecue is in good hands

By Kell Phelps
NBN Publisher

Key's Southern Spice is the creation from 10-year-old Karen (Kari) Yarbrough of Fairhope, AL. Kari was inspired after watching an episode of BBQ Pitmasters, and now her inspired creation is paying huge dividends. Currently, her rub is being used commercially by five different restaurants in Alabama and Florida and is also on the shelves at 12 grocery stores.

Kari's dad, Chad Yarbrough, told us how it all got started. "We put it on the meat and cooked it," he said. "Her mom and I sat down to dinner one night with her older sister, we took a bite, and we all looked at each other and said, 'Wow!'

"It wasn't just the first recipe that she came up with," he continued. "She tweaked the recipe maybe six or seven times before she got to the one she is at now."

NBN received a sample of the rub and agree that she is producing a winner.

Truth is that this 10-year-old already has a grip on all sides of this business. She is utilizing her older sister for marketing purposes, learning from her dad about financial practices, and combining that with her passion for cooking to take this business to another level. I'm confident she has already tasted success that a ton of other rub producers have yet to find.
Our test of her product proved to us that she really has some skills. Everything we tested it on turned out great, and we highly recommend it. We look forward to watching this product continue to grow in the near future.

You can find more info about Kari's product at her website at

Photo by Key's Southern Spice
10-year-old Karen (Kari) Yarbrough proudly points to her rub that is shelved right next to the "big boys" in a local grocery store.

Photo by Key's Southern Spice
Miss Yarbrough loves to cook and has developed a seasoning rub that goes well with just about anything, as evidenced by this photo. She loves trying it on everything she cooks! The future of barbecue is definitely in good hands.

Photo by Key's Southern Spice
Miss Kari also has a great business mind as well, involving her older sister by having her model with the product during demonstrations and for marketing purposes, which makes this a true family-oriented venture.

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