Five BBQ, Grilling, & Foodie Christmas Ideas

By Kent "The Deck Chef" Whitaker

It's time for the annual look at cool Christmas ideas for the grilling guru and barbecue pit-master in your family. Sure, most of us in the industry have a bunch of cool toys and items that we use every day. However, this is the season to give gifts! Time to load up family and friends with some cool grilling and barbecue stuff!

The Ultimate BBQ Bundle by Big Time BBQ
Big Time BBQ is offering a fantastic three item gift pack for under $30 buck! The Ultimate BBQ Bundle by features two large grilling non-stick mats, two (one pair) of meat claws, and a pair of heavy duty heat resistant grilling gloves (up to 425 degrees) which I love because of the finger design as opposed to a mitt!

The two grilling mats measure 16 x 13 inches and are heavy duty, non-stick, and perfect for large and small items and even pizza! Robert Moss, of Big Time BBQ says this about the mats; "No more shrimp and assorted small bites falling through the grates!"
The heavy duty hand held meat claws are perfect for everything from shredding pulled pork to lifting big items such as briskets, butts, and turkeys.

Price: Under $30 bucks for 3 pack!
Amazon Seller: Big Time BBQ
Item: Ultimate BBQ Bundle

Leather Cast Iron Skillet Holders by E.H. Campbell Trading
This is probably one of the coolest items when it comes to cast iron cooking. Check out the handmade in the USA artesian cast iron skillet leather skillet holders by E.H. Campbell Trading in East Tennessee. The holders are made from your choice of latigo leather or heavy duty cow-hide and designed to fit a wide variety of cast iron products from Lodge as well as Pioneer Woman.

E.H. Campbell also has custom made chef knife sheaths, beer bottle holsters, hot sauce holsters, as well as holster for real pistols! They also carry a wide selection of lady and means leather gift items which are all hand made using American tanned leather from a regional Tennessee leather tannery.

Price: starting at $9.95
Item: Leather Cast Iron Skillet Holders

BBQ Kings Club Subscription Box
There are more and more mystery gift box clubs coming online every day – the BBQ and grilling world is no exception! The reason I selected BBQ Kings Club is that their site offers some real information on pricing along with several options. You can get a monthly box filled with goodies starting at only $18 bucks!

The site offers several plans with options listed under the "BBQ Baron" level which includes both $18 and $20 options for three pretty dang cool items. The $20 option is a month to month plan with the $18 being for a three month commitment.

Then there's the "BBQ KING" level which includes three price points for a box containing rubs, tools, recipes, gifts, and more fun BBQ related items. The plans are $35 for month to month, $34 for a three month plan, or $33 for a six month plan. Shipping is a flat rate of $4.99 in the USA.

Price: $18 - $35
Item: BBQ Gift Box

Small Batch Lump Charcoal by LKN Charcoal
LKN Charcoal, located in North Carolina, takes their grilled food pretty darned seriously. In fact, that was the inspiration for producing a premium lump charcoal with a down home artisan style touch. LKN Lump Charcoal focuses on producing all-natural, small-batches of premium lump charcoal from quality North Carolina Oak, Hickory, and Cherry.

They can also custom produce charcoal to your specifications by species and your preferred lump size. Robert says it best when it comes to his products. "We're passionate about grilling and we're passionate about our charcoal!"

Price: Varies per type – starting at $1.60 per pound plus shipping
Item: Lump Charcoal

The Amazing Pops Q Tool
How about a pair of heavy duty grilling and barbecue tongs that separate into two pieces and serve as six different tools that is also made in the USA. Now that's why I call these bad boys AMAZING!

Dylan Rothwell, owner of Pops Q Tool, says that his dad was given a neat barbecue tool back in the 1970's as a closing gift for a real estate purchase. He used it for years – actually over 30 years! Dylan was showing his pop around his shop where his fly fishing company, RISING, manufactured several metal pieces.

Dylan says his dad stated, "Now you're in a position to make my favorite BBQ tool!"

Then Dylan's says his mom jumped into the conversation!  "Listen to your father. You know he's tried every damn BBQ tool out there and he keeps coming back to the old standby. He deserves better, you should make them for him."

Seems like Dylan's parents were right. Now we have Pops Q Tool. It's a pair of tongs, a grill/grate tool, bottle opener, spatula, grilling fork, and even a knife! They come with heavy duty grips in black, gray, or camo and in two different sizes.

Price: $49.99
Item: Pops Q Tool

Kent Whitaker aka "The Deck Chef," is a culinary writer and cookbook author – his newest title is Great American Grilling. The former winner of the Emeril Live Food Network Barbecue Contest also covers football, motorsports, and bass fishing. Kent lives in East Tennessee with his wife and son.

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