New rubs and sauce hit the market

By The NBN Cooking Crew

Eroc's U-Betcha Beef Rub
Eric Lofthus is no stranger to thinking outside of the box when it comes to barbecue. Some of his sauce creations are simply one-of-a-kind delicacies that he has blended together. Eric has now created several different market-ready rubs, but this is definitely our favorite out of the few he gave us to sample while in Jacksonville, FL, back at the end of March. We put this beef rub through the paces on both a rib-eye steak and hamburgers with 80/20 fat content.

The ingredients list caught us by surprise right off the bat because of the brown sugar. Most beef fans feel sugar is a must "not have" in their ingredients list, but all I can say is don't knock it before you try it. This stuff is really good straight from the bottle and has the salt kick that beef fans crave, but is very finely ground to make sure it can absorb into meat. Both our steak and hamburgers really soaked up the spice blend and tasted fantastic.

We experienced no problems with clumps from the sugar or the fine grinding that you tend to have when these two combinations are mixed. This really is a good and different beef rub that we feel sure will go excellent with anything beef, including brisket, tri-tip, or any beef roast. Overall, we gave this new creation 4.75 rib bones out of a possible 5. You can find more about this product from their web page at

Zen Steak Rub from BBQ Buddha
If you are a fan of pepper on your beef, then this rub is right up your alley! The Zen Steak Rub is a good combination of kosher salt, black pepper, garlic, and several other spices that are sure to wake up any cut of beef. Our tests were conducted on a T-bone steak and several hamburger patties.

Just looking at the bottle, we noticed the lid has a selectable dial to help make sure you apply the exact amount of seasoning without wasting or dumping the rub. A really clean looking label also lets you peek at the rub itself, as it doesn't cover the bottle completely…which we also really like and appreciate. The rub also comes in a slightly bigger amount of 5.5 ounce size.

The rub added a great pepper flavor to everything we tried it on. It also did not overpower our palate to the point that it covered up the beef flavor of the products that we had prepared. It has a normal grind consistency like most other BBQ rubs and also has a fair amount of other herbs in the mix.

Overall, we gave this new product4 .5 rib bones out of a possible five. For more information about the new Zen Steak Rub, check out their website at

Kansas City BBQ Sauce from BBQ Buddha
Ray Sheehan has introduced his new BBQ Buddha Kansas City BBQ Sauce that his own competition team uses. While it is a tomato -based and slightly sweet sauce, it is not your typical super sweet and super thick Kansas City style sauce. This sauce is actually a bit on the thin side, and that is a trait we love to see in most sauces because really thick sauces tend to overpower and even cover up the true flavor of any protein. The quality of the sauce is also very evident as you can see the spice flakes throughout the sauce. Other ingredients also include onion powder, black pepper, garlic, and a hint of liquid smoke. This sauce contains no allergens, no high fructose corn syrup, MSG, or artificial coloring and is gluten free.

Our tests with this sauce included pork spare ribs, pulled pork, and grilled chicken parts that included both dark and white meat. We actually added a few things to this sauce and made a super flavorful glaze for a few of our ribs and chicken pieces. We really enjoyed the fact that this sauce is not overly sweet and is really easy to use on the grill or pit without fear of burning. We did take our temperature down a bit in our first test to ensure we didn't burn things up, but we also tested it with the same temperature we normally cooked at just to see if it would burn. Surprisingly, we didn't burn any of our proteins during our tests with the sauce.

Overall, we gave this sauce 4.75 rib bones out of a possible five. We found this sauce to be very versatile,  different from the norm, and we literally loved it on everything we tested with it. Regardless if we cooked with it or served it on the side, it was super good. You can find more about this new BBQ Buddha product from their website at

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