Lambert’s Sweet Smoker O’Mine

By Gregg Snyder

I am excited to tell everyone about my latest barbecue cooker. It’s the Red Box Smoker from Mark Lambert. This creation is his baby! I became interested in the cooker after cooking with Mark and his team, Sweet Swine O’ Mine, at several events over the past few years. I picked up my new cooker down in Florida at the Sonny’s BBQ Invitational at the end of January and have kept it hot since then!

My first attempt to fire the cooker up was on a very cold and very early Sunday morning at 5 a.m. I put on St. Louis style ribs, and the cooker did a great job even in the very cold weather. The ribs turned out awesome, and I would indeed suggest this to any serious barbecue chef…and even the beginners! Easy operation, water pan capable, and well-insulated are factors that help make this a super barbecue cooker. I would give this cooker a 4.95 out of 5 ribs on the new product meter. I would really like to see the cooker be about two inches longer to give a bit more room for half steamer pans, but I also know that with that added size would come added costs.

You can find more information about this new product at Sweet Swine O’ Mine Distributing. Their web site,, also has a ton of other great barbecue items that Mark carries. You can also call Mark directly at 901-831-1451

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