National Barbecue News’ 2015 Rubs of Honor Winners

The Goal:
To find the BEST barbecue Rub to compliment a particular meat: CHICKEN – PORK – BEEF.

The Rules:
1)  ALL Barbecue Rubs, including those marketed in the U.S.A. or for the world market, competition teams, and backyarders, are welcome.
2) This competition will include all types of bases in the same category as we are looking for the best Rub that flavors a particular meat and will include both mild and spicy varieties.
3) Rubs must be labeled and homemade varieties must be sealed in a sterilized canning jar with a sealed lid or in a vacuum sealed bag. It does not have to be commercially produced. Any Rubs not properly sealed will be disqualified.
4) Bottles, jars, or bags must be clearly marked for the category for which it is intended - CHICKEN, PORK, OR BEEF.
5) Each entry must include 6 oz. or more of barbecue Rub for each category entered.

The Prize:
Winners will receive accolades on the pages of the National Barbecue News and website. Top 10 winners in each division will receive certificates and the Grand Champion will receive a beautiful clay model of their Rub bottle, along with certificate, done by renowned area sculpture artist Regina Coffee.

The Results:
 1) Hogs ‘N Heat Mild & Savory BBQ Rub – Hogs ‘n Heat, Inc.
  2) Memphis Barbeque Supplly Honey BBQ Rub – Memphis Barbecue Supply
  3) Krustyz All Purpose Rub – Krustyz, LLC
  4) Belly Rub – BBQ Buddha
  5) Sucklebusters Clucker Dust – Suckelbusters
  6) Memphis Barbeque Supply Shotwell BBQ Rub – Memphis Barbeque Supply
  7) Riley’s Red Rub – CRC BBQ
  8) Brotherhood of Swine BBQ Rub –  Brotherhood of Swine, LLC
  9) Eroc’s U-Betcha Poultry – Eroc’s
10) Space Dust – Astro Pigs BBQ

 1) Reaper Rub – The Smokehouse Boys
  2) Big Daddy’s Rib Rub – Big Daddy’s Q’n Crew
  3) Hogs ‘N Heat Mild & Savory BBQ Rub – Hogs ‘N Heat, Inc.
  4) Kay Brown’s BBQ Rub – Jorge Canavati
  5) Eroc’s U Betcha Smoky Maple – Eroc’s
  6) Krustyz All Purpose Rub – Krustyz, LLC
  7) Brotherhood of Swine BBQ Rub – Brotherhood of Swine, LLC
  8) Rib Rub Ready to Mix – BBQ’n Fools
  9) Memphis Barbeque Supply Honey BBQ Rub – Memphis Barbeque Supply
10) Sucklebusters Hog Waller –

 1) Signature Montreal BBQ Rub – BBQ’n Fools
  2) Eroc’s U-Betcha Beef – Eroc’s
  3) Grant’s Blend Magic Dust – BBQ’n Fools
  4) West Texas Oil Dust – West Texas Oilees
  5) Sucklebusters SPG BBQ Rub – Sucklebusters
  6) Riley’s Smoky and Bold – CRC BBQ
  7) Fireman’s Brisket Rub – Ed Bryant
  8) Krystyz All Purpose Rub – Krustyz, LLC
  9) Rescue Rub – Company 7 BBQ
10) Bar-B-Que South Beef Rub – Mike Carter

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