BBQ sauces, rubs, and juices...Oh my!

By NBN Cooking Crew

BBQ Buddha Memphis Mop BBQ Sauce and Belly Rub
Chef Ray Sheehan has really developed a pair of winners here. Both his BBQ Buddha Mempphis Mop BBQ Sauce and his BBQ Buddha Belly Rub can stand on their own against any other products we have tried, but when combined on a grilled or smoked sample of meat, the results are hard to beat! We gave them tests on pork and poultry, and each test just got better and better. Overall, we give these products four-and-a-half bones out of a possible five bones by themselves and five bones when used together like they were intended to be!

Ray has been around the food business all his life, so he understands the difference between good food and really great food. He also has a passion for barbeque competitions.  Ray told us, “There is nothing like being on the front lines going head-to-head with the best pitmasters to make you want to get better. Those experiences, along with countless hours in the test kitchen, are what makes BBQ Buddha products so special."

You can find more about these products online at or check out their ad in our annual Holiday Gift Guide located on page 17.

Georgia’s Barbeque Sauce
A while back we had the opportunity to try a whole batch of sauces made by Scott Galt from our home state of Georgia. His box of four sauces and one ketchup had an great look, and the products inside matches their labels as well. The bottom line here is that each one of these sauces has an old-school and “homemade” flavor profile like what our grandparents used to make. Scott has been working on these sauces since 1973 when he received his first grill from his parents at the age of 16.  Scott organized The Sauce Company in 1989 and has not turned back since then.

If super sweet and tangy is what you are looking for, then these are not the sauces for you; however, if you like down-to-earth barbecue sauces that are not overly complex with a name that matches exactly what is in the bottle, then give these a try. Tip of the cap to Scott for offering a great group of sauces that each get four bones out of the total of five. You can find more information about these products on their website at

Sweet Smoke Q Sauces & Juice
If you keep up with competition barbecue winners, then there is a high probability that you have seen this team logo several times this past year. Jim Elser and his Sweet Smoke Q crew have no doubt been on a roll like few others. In 2014 the team won both the Florida Barbecue Association Team of the Year award and was also named the 2014 World Barbecue Champion at the World Food Championships. Both events prove that these products can definitely score big on the competition circuit.

It’s not often we see liquid marinades or injections that accompany sauce brands, but that is exactly what we got when we unpacked the box, and we could not wait to give them all a test run.

We tried all these products exactly how the label suggested, and every item we tested was fantastic. We tried the beef marinade on steaks, hamburgers, and brisket. The flavor was so evident in these trials that we decided no other condiment or sauce was needed. It was that good! We tested the pork marinade and injection with a pork butt, pork chops, and spare ribs. The Juice really brought out the pork flavor in every sample. Once we added sauce to the finished product, we had no less than created a masterpiece!

These flavor makers are guaranteed to put some big flavor in your barbecue, regardless of your cooking style. The Juices ensure your product is going to be sufficiently moist while adding tons of flavor while the cooking process is happening. The sauces accompany the profiles of the injections very well and definitely enhance what is there instead of covering it up or clashing with the finished product. Hands down these marinades and sauces get the full out five bones from all of our testing. Our order will be going in soon because we didn’t get enough on the first tests!

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