New products make the Q life more delicious and more convenient

By NBN Cooking Crew

RodFathers’s Premium BBQ Sauce

At first glance, this sauce looks premium because of the great graphics, bright colors, and whiskey shaped bottle. These looks are surely dead on as well, as the sauce inside the bottle is just as premium as the bottle looks. Sweet, tangy, and very mild with little to no heat best describes this sauce. The hint of onion and very small hint of liquid smoke really sets this sauce apart from most other barbecue sauces we have tasted in the past. We also love the fact that the sauce itself is fairly thin, which tells us that it is not intended to cover up the flavors found inside your barbecue but simply accompany the protein. We certainly recommend this one for anyone looking for a great chicken or pork sauce. We sampled this one on a few grilled pork chops and some chopped chicken, and the results were fantastic on both. Over all we give this sauce four and a quarter bones on a scale of one to five bones.

You can find out more about this brand new sauce at their website:

Unknown BBQ’s Lid Hinge for Weber Kettle
If you have competed in the Florida Barbecue Association over the past few years, then the name Unknown BBQ is very familiar to you. These guys have been on a tear since they first got started and show no signs of cooling down anytime soon.  Thus far they have 16 Grand Championships, six Reserve Grand finishes, and 22 overall top five finishes. They also have graced the cover of the National Barbecue News back in May 2012 after winning the Smoke on the Water competition in Thomaston, GA.

Now that you know who these guys are, let me introduce you to a few super useful grilling and smoking tools they are now making.

They have come up with a stainless steel hinge that works on several different Weber and UDS models. We love cooking on our old standard 22.5” Weber Kettle grill, and they hooked us up with a hinge to try on it. We know that Weber has the hook on the inside of the lid, but we also know that it really doesn’t work all that well, so finding a place to put the lid while you are grilling can indeed become a pain. With this new hinge, you have the best of both worlds because it comes with a quick release pin that will allow you to operate the lid like it came originally or simply keep the pin in and the lid will catch in the open position for you to tend to your grate. If the pin is in and open, then a very light tug forward on the lid handle will unlock the hinge and allow it to be closed in the correct sealed position.

This hinge is a super quality product that is indeed going to stand up to the test of time. I am willing to bet the grill will be burned through long before the hinge will give up. Installation was about a 10-minute job, and the instructions made this a really easy and quick project. We have tested the hinge now for about a month and love it more and more every time we fire up our Kettle. Overall, we have to give this product the max five bones on a scale of one to five bones. There is nothing that we dislike about this piece.

You can find more information and other size hinges and accessories at their website:

Photo by NBN Cooking Crew
Weber Kettle grill before hinge installation

Photo by NBN Cooking Crew
Weber Kettle (closed) after hinge installation

Photo by NBN Cooking Crew
Weber Kettle (open) after hinge installation


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