Kansas City Barbeque Society and National Barbecue Association announce partnership

Innovative affiliation allows KCBS members to tap into NBBQA business expertise.

Louisville, Ky, January 22, 2014 – Today, the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) and the National Barbecue Association (NBBQA) announced a strategic partnership designed to offer extensive resources that will assist KCBS members as they explore and develop plans to transition from a passion for barbecue to a barbecue profession.

Weekend barbecue competitions and cook-offs continue to experience huge growth — both in number of participants and number of annual events — and out of that, many KCBS members have generated ideas for small companies and new products and services, including barbecue sauces, rubs, tools, catering events, restaurants and more.  The new partnership allows KCBS members previously focused on competing in sanctioned barbecue events to easily and effectively access the key benefits and services provided by the NBBQA.

“Barbecue is one of the fastest growing food segments in this country and beyond,” said NBBQA President Roy Slicker. “This partnership is a very exciting opportunity for any KCBS member who has considered, or developed, any form of barbecue product- or service-related business. As the only association geared toward helping people in the business of barbecue. With an extensive base of successful barbecue business owners, suppliers and partners, the NBBQA stands ready to help KCBS members jumpstart any product or service idea. We offer numerous programs and resources that can go a long way toward ensuring success in the BBQ arena. The NBBQA has a strong history of empowering aspiring barbecue business owners with our Apprentice Program, seminars, national conference and more, and we look forward to sharing our enthusiasm and experience with KCBS members who are ready to take the leap."

The NBBQA offers insightful programs and seminars that address key considerations, such as bottling, taking products to market, writing convincing business plans, writing catering proposals, determining food and labor costs, and more. The organization also has in place a powerful set of tools, programs, mentors, buyer’s guides and other valuable resources to help in the development of business. The NBBQA is the largest barbecue-business focused group, and the new KCBS/NBBQA partnership will help KCBS members accelerate their entry into business.  

“We’re really excited that this partnership came together with the NBBQA for the benefit of our members,” said Carolyn Wells, executive director of KCBS. “More and more of our members are using their experience in the world of competition barbecue to create products and businesses. Through our partnership with NBBQ, there is now a NBBQA membership level with relevant and valuable programs and resources specifically geared toward helping our members facilitate and develop their barbecue-related businesses."

The NBBQA/KCBS partnership consists of a new NBBQA membership designed specifically for competitors looking for resources to help them navigate quickly through a wide range of business challenges. Furthermore, for a limited time, KCBS members are offered a substantial discount for membership in this new category.  

Members who sign up for the new program are also encouraged to take advantage of the upcoming NBBQA Annual Conference and Trade Show in San Marcos, Texas, March 4-8. At this annual event, the NBBQA brings together an impressive array of top barbecue businesses, competitors, suppliers, enthusiasts and more for a week-long convention with extensive business and competition educational sessions, barbecue products trade show, bus tours, meat industry presentations, hands-on seminars and a public day that draws thousands of people for a highly popular mix and mingle. This year’s event will also include a KCBS-sanctioned barbecue contest.

About Kansas City Barbeque Society
The Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and enjoying barbeque, is the world's largest organization of barbeque and grilling enthusiasts with more than 17,000 members worldwide. KCBS sanctions over 400 barbeque contests throughout the United States and across the globe. From volunteering to actual event production, our members also offer assistance to civic and charitable organizations who organize events.

About the NBBQA
Founded in 1991, the National Barbecue Association (NBBQA) is dedicated to supporting the unique food culture of barbecue and the people who love it. The NBBQA'S goals are to promote the recognition and image of the industry, facilitate effective networking of industry resources, foster new business opportunities for its members, and educate and inform the public about the art and enjoyment of barbecue. For more information, visit www.nbbqa.org.

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