John Wayne Enterprises and Fire & Flavor join up in barbecue community

By Carlene Phelps
National Barbecue News Editor

Based in Athens, GA, Fire & Flavor produces a family of brands committed to healthy and flavorful products for everyday cooking & grilling. Founded by the husband-and-wife team of Davis and Gena Knox, it all began in their garage with Cedar Grilling Planks and Papers in 2003. Fire & Flavor partnered with John Wayne Enterprises in 2012 to develop a unique line of barbecue items under the John Wayne Stock & Supply brand.

Fire and Flavor sent us a bag of their John Wayne Hardwood Charcoal Briquettes requesting a test run here at Phelps BBQ Paradise.  This spring they are launching this and several other barbecue products. For the purpose of testing, the cook (Kell Phelps) chose two large chicken thighs and breasts and brought out the Weber Kettle grill. He used SuperCedar Firestarters, to get things fired up and I assisted with rubbing the chicken parts with another test product, Lead Dog Trail Dust Barbecue Rub. Lead Dog products are headquartered in North Pole, AK, and are about as far away as one can get from our headquarters here in Southeast Georgia. They have a wide range of products that include some tasty sauces at

The briquettes were noticeably different as actual wood is visible within the briquette, which took a short 15 minutes to burn to a hot glow.  An indirect cooking method was used with the briquettes on one side and the chicken, rubbed about an hour before cooking, on the other side.

Another noticeable difference was very few ashes left from the briquettes after the cook.  This can be very important for some of us who cook for a long period of time occasionally and have to empty the ashes regularly. I did notice when navigating their website at they also now have lump charcoal and other products available. The charcoal did deliver a great taste, along with the Lead Dog rub, and the Phelps family gathered around the table for an enjoyable meal that included some grilled asparagus, a baked potato with trimmings, and croissants. And, for you super-dooper chicken cooks (you know who you are) — our cook produced some great tasting bite-through skin for us to enjoy. Happy! Happy! Happy!

Test products can be shipped to Phelps BBQ Paradise, 373 Phelps Road, Douglas, GA 31533.


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