The New G2 Series Cookers from Backwoods

By Rocky Danner
World Barbecue Organizer

I just received my new G2 Party Smoker, one of the two G2 series that Mike McGowan of Backwoods Smokers has developed. He also has a G2 Chubby. The newly designed smokers are built out of a new metal and both will accommodate a full-size pan, with room left for the smoke to circulate around the product. The inside dimensions on the G2 Party and the G2 Chubby are 23” deep, 15-1/2” wide and 25” tall with six heavy duty shelves.

The new skin of the G2 Backwoods Smokers is not only heavier, but it is made of corrosion resistance steel. Galvanneal steel is the result from the combined process of galvanizing and annealing to produce specialized sheets of steel. The galvanization is made through the hot dipping (HOT-DIP GALVANIZING) process and gives a very fine grayish matte finish. Galvanneal does not flake off its galvanized coating when formed, stamped, and bent. The very fine matte finish acts like a primer, allowing paint to adhere easily. It is also very rustproof, only white to dark grey marks appear if it comes in contact with water.  Galvanneal sheets present good paint ability, weld ability, form ability, and is corrosion resistant.  It is extensively used in the automotive industry, signage companies, electrical equipment, and other industries requiring a metal with good paint ability and long reliable service life. This new skin will stop any rust from forming and the 20 gauge metal will not bend up as easy. All of Mike’s future smokers will be made of Galvanneal and will be powder-coated.

When Mike came out with the first Party model, I was amazed as how well it cooked ribs. When I wrote my review, I called it the “Rib Cooker” and was happy with the results. But Mike has out done himself. The new G2 Series has out done all my expectations. There is room for the largest racks of ribs or brisket and will accommodate a full hotel pan, with room to spare.

Danny Montgomery of the Tuscumbia River Bottom Barbequers and I cooked the briskets on the G2 Party Smoker. The briskets weighed a little over 12 pounds before we trimmed them. We started the fire off with Ranger Lump Charcoal Coals, all natural brick coals from South Africa. After the cooker reached 235 degrees, we placed the brisket on the second shelf from the top. Then we pushed all the coals to the back of the fire pan.  We added more Ranger Charcoal and placed a little hickory wood on one side of the coals and a piece of pecan wood on the other side. I did not use the BBQ Guru Digital Q, as I wanted to see how the new G2 would hold its temperature. When the fire settled down, I opened the two vents to 3/4-inch on each side to hold the temperature at 235 degrees. Then we added a little more hickory and pecan along to keep a little smoke in the smoker. We smoked the brisket open in the smoker until it reached 165 degrees internal temperature. Then we placed it in a pan, poured the remaining injection around it, covered it and placed back on the smoker on the same rack. We cooked it until the internal temperature reached 200 degrees. We let some of the steam out of the pan and let it sit out with the cover off for about 10 minutes. After we re-covered the brisket with foil and we placed the brisket in the cambro for one hour.  We took the brisket from the pan and placed it back on the smoker to caramelize the sauce that we had brushed on to finish the bark. This took about 20-30 minutes to do; thus, this whole cooking time was about 8 to 9 hours. The brisket cooked for about five hours before we panned it; then it cooked for about two more hours before we placed it in the cambro.

The new G2 Party cooked one of the best briskets we have ever cooked. It put a great smoke ring into the brisket. Also the temperature ran about 10 to 15 degrees different from the top to the bottom. The temperature on the rack that we used ran the same as the thermometer on the door.  And yes, Mike, I did cook with the water pan three-quarters full.

The grill racks are made of heavy duty stainless steel and built to hold a ton of meat. The other addition is the redesigned firebox.  It, along with the ash pan are also made of heavy duty steel and either one can be removed separately or as a unit, eliminating the ash spill on the floor; and they come standard with a heat diverter.

We were very please with the Party G2. After a preburn, we started the cook and we were pleasantly surprised with the outcome! This is a newly designed cooker from Mike at Backwoods. This is a “must have cooker” that you will want in your arsenal.

The new G2 series comes with a boatload of options. Mike can and will build any cooker to fill your needs. Mike now offers 15 sizes of cookers with the addition of the G2 series. Contact Mike or Kathy through email at, call them at 318-220-0380, or check out his website for a complete selection of his smokers at www.backwoods—

Photo by Rocky Danner
G2 Party has six heavy duty stainless racks.

Photo by Rocky Danner
The new G2 Party has a new heavy duty fire box and ash tray.

Photo by Rocky Danner
G2 Chubby with newly designed firebox.

Photo by Rocky Danner
G2 Chubby

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