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2014 National Barbecue News
Sauces of Honors Winners

Pork Winners
 1. Smoky Jon’s Original Gourmet Supreme  – Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ
  2. Rufus Teague Touch O’Heat – Rufus Teague
  3. Barnyard BBQ Sauce Original – Barnyard BBQ
  4. Smoky Jon’s Fiery Gourmet Supreme –Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ
  5. Sugar Britches BBQ Sauce Spicy – Jenk’s Specialty Foods
  6. Mild Sweet BBQ – BBQ’n Fools
  7. Hott – Crazy Bitch
  8. Craig’s BBQ Sauces – Texas Pepper Jelly
  9. Bama Sweet – Spices Smokehouse
10. Sweet Snap Sauce – Cold Brewed BBQ

Chicken Winners
 1. No Naked Meat – No Naked Meat, LLC
  2. Sucklebusters Original – Sucklebusters, Inc.
  3. Smoky Jon’s Original Gourmet Supreme – Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ
  4. Millie’s Sweet & Spicy – Craig & Toni Quality Products, LLC
  5. J. Holt Smokehouse Sweet – J. Holt (Tie)
  5. Dimples BBQ Sauce – Dimples BBQ (Tie)
  7. Signature Teriyaki Sauce – BBQ’n Fools
  8. Craig’s BBQ Sauce – Texas Pepper Jelly
  9. Sugar Britches BBQ Sauce Spicy – Jenks Specialty Foods
10. Victory Lane BBQ Mild Sauce -  Victory Lane (Tie)
10. Sucklebusters Chipotle – Sucklebusters, Inc. (Tie)

Beef Winners
 1. Victory Lane BBQ Mild Sauce – Victory Lane
  2. Sugar Britches BBQ Sauce Spicy – Jenks Speciality Foods
  3. Eroc’s Boysenberry – Apricot “It’s So…” – Eroc’s LLC
  4. Dimples BBQ Sauce – Dimples BBQ (Tie)       
  4. Smoky Jon’s Original Gourmet – Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ  (Tie)
  6. A Fine Swine Gourmet BBQ Sauce – A Fine Swine BBQ Company, LLC
  7. Betty’s Blend – Freddy Ray’s BBQ
  8. Riley’s Triple R Sauce – CRC BBQ Enterprises
  9. Sucklebusters Chipotle – Sucklebusters, Inc.
10. Creeper – Freddy Ray’s BBQ


A day with the Pitmasters

Commemorative Hawg with a Heart to raise funds for Operation BBQ Relief

More News

BBQ Guru rewrites BBQ laws...again!

By NBN Cooking Crew

Back in July we got a little white box in the mail from our friends at the BBQ Guru. Inside was their brand new PartyQ temperature control device that is made just for smaller cookers and grills. We had already heard about some of the early tests that others had already been doing, but we knew this deal was a winner long before these things were being introduced.

BBQ Bob Trudnak, who is the inside man with the BBQ Guru, had actually trusted us, along with a hand full of other guys, over a year ago to do a secret beta test of the prototype of these units. We actually tested the unit for one week and then had to send it back in after answering several pages of really intense questions about the units. I can tell you that the beta units worked just as well as the units that are being sold now. We promised back then we would not tell anyone about the units we had gotten to try out, but thank goodness this time it’s a bit different!

These new PartyQ units are totally capable of turning an average Joe into the next BBQ superstar. We have always said that the BBQ Guru wrote the manual on how to be consistent with any grill or pit, and now with this unit, you can be consistent with the smallest of grills every single time you cook. This could very well help the grilling nation join the low and slow crowd without changing cookers!

We started out with a simple test on our Weber Kettle style grill. We simply followed the instructions, and 10 minutes later we were ready to go. Our first test was to see how long we could hold 225 degrees on 16 ounces of lump charcoal using the device. The answer knocked our socks off after four hours and 56 minutes later.

We then added about another five ounces  of lit charcoal and a variety of chicken pieces and cooked them to almost perfection. To obtain this almost perfect chicken, we simply ramped up the PartyQ to 275 degrees, and once we got the chicken on the grill, the temperature never moved more than five degrees in either direction for the entire one hour and 10 minutes of cook time. Our samples very well could have been the best chicken we have ever cooked…period!

After a great first date with the PartyQ, we wanted to challenge it a bit, so we grabbed up some spare ribs and decided to see if we could duplicate the results. The only changes we made with the ribs was to add a few soaked wood chips at the beginning of the cooking process. Once again, the PartyQ made up for all of the wet chips, cold ribs, etc., and still kept our grill at 225 degrees for over four hours while our ribs tendered up. After they reached the correct internal temperature, we gladly served them up to friends who were simply astounded that they were cooked on a kettle style grill!

We could keep going on for hours about how a small battery-powered device turned our small kettle grill into a full blown barbecue pit, but we think you get the picture already. Hands down this is the best $150 we have spent in a long time and are just really glad we don’t have to send this unit back! You can find more details about this amazing device at or call 800-288-4878.

Until next month…Keep it smokin’!



Everything’s better
with bacon

Barbecue is now!
By Paul Kirk CWC, Ph.B., B.S.A.S.
Kansas City Baron of BBQ
Barbecue Guru
Order of the Magic Mop
Ambassador of BBQ
Certified Master BBQ Judge



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