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At 4:30 AM I was awakened by a call that my first restaurant The Original Famous Dave's in Hayward Wi was ablaze. 20 years of memories. We will rebuild. For all our employees-- Kathy and me and our GM Dave Von Rueden...we will find a location to be open ASAP. Maybe even in one of our pole barns at the family farm. Just know we will reopen and start serving great BBQ all over again! Please let everyone know this is only a temporary setback and we will begin anew!!! 

David Anderson

2014 National Barbecue News
Sauces of Honors Winners

Pork Winners
 1. Smoky Jon’s Original Gourmet Supreme  – Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ
  2. Rufus Teague Touch O’Heat – Rufus Teague
  3. Barnyard BBQ Sauce Original – Barnyard BBQ
  4. Smoky Jon’s Fiery Gourmet Supreme –Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ
  5. Sugar Britches BBQ Sauce Spicy – Jenk’s Specialty Foods
  6. Mild Sweet BBQ – BBQ’n Fools
  7. Hott – Crazy Bitch
  8. Craig’s BBQ Sauces – Texas Pepper Jelly
  9. Bama Sweet – Spices Smokehouse
10. Sweet Snap Sauce – Cold Brewed BBQ

Chicken Winners
 1. No Naked Meat – No Naked Meat, LLC
  2. Sucklebusters Original – Sucklebusters, Inc.
  3. Smoky Jon’s Original Gourmet Supreme – Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ
  4. Millie’s Sweet & Spicy – Craig & Toni Quality Products, LLC
  5. J. Holt Smokehouse Sweet – J. Holt (Tie)
  5. Dimples BBQ Sauce – Dimples BBQ (Tie)
  7. Signature Teriyaki Sauce – BBQ’n Fools
  8. Craig’s BBQ Sauce – Texas Pepper Jelly
  9. Sugar Britches BBQ Sauce Spicy – Jenks Specialty Foods
10. Victory Lane BBQ Mild Sauce -  Victory Lane (Tie)
10. Sucklebusters Chipotle – Sucklebusters, Inc. (Tie)

Beef Winners
 1. Victory Lane BBQ Mild Sauce – Victory Lane
  2. Sugar Britches BBQ Sauce Spicy – Jenks Speciality Foods
  3. Eroc’s Boysenberry – Apricot “It’s So…” – Eroc’s LLC
  4. Dimples BBQ Sauce – Dimples BBQ (Tie)       
  4. Smoky Jon’s Original Gourmet – Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ  (Tie)
  6. A Fine Swine Gourmet BBQ Sauce – A Fine Swine BBQ Company, LLC
  7. Betty’s Blend – Freddy Ray’s BBQ
  8. Riley’s Triple R Sauce – CRC BBQ Enterprises
  9. Sucklebusters Chipotle – Sucklebusters, Inc.
10. Creeper – Freddy Ray’s BBQ


A day with the Pitmasters

Commemorative Hawg with a Heart to raise funds for Operation BBQ Relief

More News

Williamson Brothers BBQ Sauce
turns pink!

By Vernee Green-Myers
The Southern Girls BBQ Roadshow

Williamson Bros. BBQ in Marietta and Canton is a family establishment.  Two brothers from Talladega, Alabama, named Larry and Danny Williamson opened a small BBQ joint in Alabama and were looking for a place to relocate to grow the business.  On a Sunday afternoon in October 1989, Larry and Danny, took a drive and somehow ended up taking the exit for the 120 Loop in Marietta and discovered an empty building.  They opened for business in March 1990.  They started bottling their sauce in the kitchen of the restaurant 20 years ago before eventually opening a sauce manufacturing facility and moving to Dodd Street in Marietta when the sauce business took off.  In 2006, they opened a third location in Douglasville, Georgia.  Each restaurant has 40-60 employees, but the Marietta location still does the most business of the three locations.  Despite their growth, you still feel right at home when you walk into the front door of the log cabin style restaurant.

The sauce division outgrew the Dodd Street location as sauce orders began to grow.  Leslie Sneed, Sales and Marketing Manager of the Sauce Division, said the move was necessary because the orders had become so large that you could not walk through the facility when they were waiting on order pickups.  

In January 2014, the sauce division relocated to a 25,000 square foot, state-of-the-art sauce facility in Marietta Industrial Park.

That is not the only life-changing event that took place at Williamson Brothers Bar-B-Q Sauce Division in January.  Every year Williamson Bros BBQ conducts a breast cancer awareness campaign.  During the 2013 Breast Cancer Awareness program, Leslie, the Sales and Marketing Manager discovered a lump in her breast and was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma stage IIIB breast cancer.  On January 6, 2014, during the move to the new manufacturing facility, Leslie underwent a double mastectomy.  She said her biggest cheerleaders were Larry and Danny Williamson and her family at Williamson Bros Bar-B-Q.  Just a few weeks after her surgery, Leslie returned to work.  Larry and Danny told Leslie her main goal was to get well and not to worry about her job.  Larry told her if she didn’t feel like coming to work, not to come.  If she felt like coming into the office, but didn’t feel well, just come and hang out.  They bought her a cot to keep in her office so she could take naps as needed.  They donated money to help buy a $1200 wig, not covered by medical insurance, after she lost her hair from cancer treatment.  

Now, almost 10 months later, the Williamson Bros. are still Leslie’s biggest cheerleaders.  Williamson Bros. BBQ Sauce is turning pink in honor of Leslie.  Leslie finished her last radiation treatment on Thursday, September 18, 2014, and beginning Monday, September 22, 2014, they will begin bottling sauce with pink labels for the 2014 breast cancer awareness campaign in October.  Not only are the labels pink, the label features a photo of Leslie and a link to her website that tells her story to help support Leslie during her fight against cancer.  Leslie’s story will be told to the tune of 30,000 glass 16-ounce bottles on shelves of most major grocery store chains, such as Kroger, Publix, WalMart, and Whole Foods.  In addition to the 16-ounce retail bottles, each month, they also manufacture 2,400 quart-size plastic jugs and 5,000 gallon-size plastic jugs sold at Sam’s Club.  You can pick up a bottle of the special edition pink label Williamson Bros. BBQ Sauce at a store near you.  

To read more about Leslie Sneed’s story, you can go to d6bspg.

Photo courtesy of Williamson Bro. BBQ
Leslie Sneed

Photo Courtesy of Williamson Bros.
Danny and Larry Williamson have set up donation boxes at each of their restaurants to try and help Leslie raise funds for her medical bills to treat her breast cancer.

Photo by The Southern Girls BBQ Roadshow
The vat where the sauce is cooked.

Photo by The Southern Girls BBQ Roadshow
The 6-bottle injector system where Williamson Bros BBQ Sauce is bottled.

Photo by The Southern Girls BBQ Roadshow
Leslie Sneed with owners Larry and Danny Williamson before she was diagnosed with cancer.

Photo by Southern Girls BBQ Roadshow
Williamson Bros Bar-B-Q in Marietta, GA.

Photo by The Southern Girls BBQ Roadshow
Leslie Sneed, Sales & Marketing Manager at Williamson Bros. BBQ Sauce Division, holds the latest addition to their line of sauces:  Pink Label Original Sauce in honor of Leslie. Williamson Bros. began bottling the new pink label bottles on Sept. 22, 2014.

Photo by The Southern Girls BBQ Roadshow
The fire pit at Marietta restaurant.

Photo by Southern Girls BBQ Roadshow
A customer in Afghanistan.

Photo by Southern Girls BBQ Roadshow
The truck used to deliver BBQ goodness.

Photo by Southern Girls BBQ Roadshow
The combo plate with sauce samples

Photo by Southern Girls BBQ Roadshow
Sauces for sale at the Marietta location.



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Barbecue is now!
By Paul Kirk CWC, Ph.B., B.S.A.S.
Kansas City Baron of BBQ
Barbecue Guru
Order of the Magic Mop
Ambassador of BBQ
Certified Master BBQ Judge



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