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Stark Boards make  clean up safer and easier

By NBN Cooking Crew

Most of us who love to cook barbecue really hate to clean up the messes that we make. Our crew's motto is to work smarter, not harder…especially when we're having fun on the barbecue pit. We also understand, and have seen first hand, the dangers of neglecting cleaning efforts. If you have ever been sick or seen someone sick from any type of food-born illness, then you understand our fears. Fun is what barbecue is all about, but safety is always first and a must.

A few weeks back we came across a different type of disposable cutting board  made by Stark, LLC. Like always, we were very curious and gave their owner, Matthew Stark, a call. He gladly sent us some samples to do reviews on all of his products. We have seen and used several of the paper-based disposable cutting boards for years, and they really have cut our cleaning efforts in half. This simply gives us more time to relax and enjoy our time cooking.

The Stark boards are totally different from the paper type boards. These boards are clear, made from thick plastic, and come on a roll, which makes storage super easy. They are also FDA and USDA food grade quality. The 20" by 24" cut-resistant boards are already perforated on the roll and come in a 25, 50, 75, or 100 board roll for your convenience. We shopped around for other disposable boards and found these cost about the same as other plastic and paper boards.

When we compared these boards against the paper boards we have used in the past, we found a huge difference. These boards are tough! We did manage to poke a hole with the point of the knife but could not slice through them… even after sharpening up our best knife. We have had to double and triple up on some paper boards in the past…especially those that soaked up fluid. These 12 ml thick plastic boards will never get water logged or become soft due to moisture. We followed their directions to keep them from slipping on the counter by placing a few drops of water between counter and the board itself. Afterwards it stuck like glue as we trimmed up our salmon filets.

This product is 100% made in the USA and made with 100% materials that are all sourced here in the USA, and they are totally recyclable. These boards will also help you conserve water and even help you save on cleaning products. We consider this a very eco-friendly product, while being a must-have barbecue product at the same time.

If you do any type of catering or you are in the restaurant business, then Stark also offers several other products that will help you save even more time from cleaning. They have disposable liners for five gallon buckets, disposable steam pan and food storage/freezer bags, and disposable table covers. The combination of these products could really change the need for extra help in those environments. These products can also be used in a mass transit situation to help cut down on cooler or warmer cleaning, too.

We gave all of the Stark Board products we tested a perfect five rib bone rating. These products not only save you time from cleaning, but they can also save you a ton of money. We salute any type of product that can be used to help keep us safe, and these disposable boards really cut the risk of cross-contamination down.

You can learn more about Matthew's story and products from their website at

Butcher BBQ's New Competition Blend Seasonings

By NBN Cooking Crew

Butcher BBQ products are known for being a complete game changer. David Bouska is the man behind these inventions and has proven that he knows a thing or two about making them work in the barbecue competition arena. David has been testing and using his own products for over 34 years now in his own butcher shop in Chandler, Oklahoma. His experience  with making meat more flavorful is matched by very few, if any. His Butcher BBQ team has appeared on the TV reality hit series BBQ Pitmaster twice, and this includes the BBQ Pitmasters All Stars. With a resume like this you really can trust this butcher!

Hopefully, knowing who "The Butcher" is will help you understand how much work and testing goes into all Butcher BBQ products, including the new competition blend of seasonings. This new line of seasonings will help you nail down just about any flavor profile that you are trying to achieve. Every one of these new seasonings are MSG and Gluten free. This line of products is also produced in smaller batches with the freshest ingredients available to produce a truly unique end result…and we all understand how being a bit different makes a huge difference in competition barbecue.

If you are looking to up your game in the backyard or tailgating, then you will definitely want to give these a try as well. Each of these seasonings will accompany and add flavor to a multitude of meats, seafood, wild game, or veggies. We tested each different seasoning and found each was great with its own unique flavor. We also injected some pork and tried them all, and it intensified the flavor even more!

Speaking of the injections, David has introduced a new container system for these injections. You can still buy the bigger bulk bags or individual four ounce bags, but the new one pound canister with measuring scoop is a big help for those cooking more often and cooking more quantities. This new canister takes away the old style zip closing bag that can get clogged with powder causing it not to seal completely. Complete mixing instructions are also right on the canister, and it also has a sight strip so you can see how much powder is left inside. The containers also come with a handy scoop that will help keep your mixtures consistent and on point batch after batch.

Overall, we give all of these products five rib bones out of a possible five. These products will help you increase the flavor of your desired profile and do it in a very easy manner. We can also report that these products work well with any type of smoking process. Our tests came from direct grill tests and stick burner tests, but we have used the injections on pellets as well, and the results were fantastic. You can find more information about these products at David's website at


Photo courtesy of Butcher BBQ

David Bouska is the butcher that you can trust.

New monthly BBQ service launches this November

By NBN Cooking Crew is a brand new subscription service that will offer a different combination of barbecue treats and products each month. These products will be put together to fit your particular style and taste peferences, something unique to this type of offering. Each month this box will contain one sauce, one rub or spice, one edible treat, a sample pack of wood chips, and a custom recipe from Myron Mixon that will utilize all the contents in the box that month for a fantastic BBQ experience.

This brand new service is set to start up in November and could be a great Christmas gift for that family pitmaster or grilling guru. All packages will be sent out each month by the 30th day of the month via USPS priority/first class mail to the address of your choosing. From what we see and hear about how this service is going to work, this could be the ultimate service of this type that has ever been offered. You can find out more about this exciting new service at

Photo courtesy of BBQ Box


Grilled Wild Pacific Salmon with Ginger Lemongrass Sauce

Fire Up The Grill
By Steve Collins
The Home Chef



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